House Shows

The Music Means Family House Show series came into being for a whole bunch of reasons – and I thought it might be worth explaining a bit about them, so if you’re interested in coming to one, you’d know what you’re getting into. These shows mean the world to me – and I really hope to see all of you at one in the future (if you haven’t come already!)


What are they?

Each show is a special, very intimate concert in a unique space, designed to bring you closer to the music. You walk into a cozy space at a set time, you bring a bottle of your favorite wine, or a six-pack of the perfect beer, and you grab a seat on a chair, or a couch, or maybe on a blanket on the floor. Maybe you chat with some of the people who love live music as much as you, and make a few new friends. After a bit, the artist(s) wander up, grab some instruments, and play a stripped down, or maybe an acoustic, set. This isn’t a show at the Chicago Theatre, each artist might play some songs they don’t normally – or take longer breaks between songs to chat with you, or even screw up that new song they haven’t played for anyone yet. That’s part of what makes the night special. After the show, chances are we’ll mingle around – have another beer, take a second to talk with our new friends about how perfect that one song was – you get the idea. Oh, and usually the artists will hang around, maybe smoke a cigarette, finish a glass of whiskey, and join the party.

When are they?

Well, they’re whenever they happen to be. I announce them both here, and over on Facebook. The best way to check when a new one is coming up, or who’s playing, is to click on that Facebook link and look at the events there.


Who plays?

It depends. Musicians I love, who understand the value of playing in unusual, intimate settings. The artists tend to lean to the folk/folk-rock/Americana/roots side of the spectrum – but you never know. I’ll always post a link or two to some of their music, take a listen!


Why did you start these shows?

 I got sick of going to the same 4 or 5 venues, cramming in with more people than actually fit in the room, half of whom were drunk by the 3rd song, in an environment where half the time you can’t even hear the music clearly. I really do believe that music and people might be the two most important things in life, and sharing music the way it was meant to be shared can be an incredibly cathartic, transcendent experience. I almost think of these concerts as a kind of church, a place where you can come, let go of a bunch of shit that doesn’t matter, and spend 2 or 3 hours just opening up to talented artists and new friends.


If you want to know more, or if you’re interested in playing a show – just shoot me an e-mail at I can’t wait to hear from you!


One thought on “House Shows

  1. Wow !!! Count me in !!! I love your idea !!!i live in Ludington MI !! But only in June , July and August . Let me know about any concerts !!! Thanks

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