Saturday Morning.

So, it’s been a bit since I’ve done a proper post. I’ve been running around in circles trying to set up some new shows, do some work on the blog itself, make everything prettier, you know the drill. Because of that, there’s a lot of music that has been in my ears nonstop, and I thought I should probably do my job and share all of the things I’ve been loving lately with you!

First, I’m really obsessed with the work that SerialBox does, and this video from a few months ago with Madi Diaz is a really perfect blend of folk/pop/blues sensibilities that has been a favorite way for me to start my mornings.

Noah Gundersen released his first full-length album a few weeks ago, entitled ‘Ledges’, and it’s almost certainly going to be one of, if not my favorite album of the year. The way Noah commands your attention, every note, every breath – it’s something you don’t find very often. Noah and his sister Abby filmed this White Session a few weeks ago, and well, not surprisingly, it’s stunning.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of S. Carey (and his sister, who performs as Luray). The first single from the new S. Carey album is entitled “Fire-scene”, and the song itself, as well as the video released along with it, is absolutely beautiful. There is a winding, delicate sense of melody and care in Sean’s music that I find myself coming back to incredibly frequently.


Well, everything Gregory Alan Isakov does is close to perfect, and everything Kevin Ihle films is wonderful – so this version of “Amsterdam” before his show in Colorado is unsurprisingly excellent.


I posted another Ballard Session with Bea Troxel a while back, but I thought I should post this one too. Something about her voice, her songwriting, just catches my heart in my throat, and it’s so, so perfect.


Speaking of bands that can do no wrong, this video from TYPHOON performing “Caesar/Reed Road” in Boston reminds me how much I can’t wait to see them at some point on their upcoming/current tour. Such a tremendous live show.


Alright. Enough links. For now.

For those who missed my last post – I have the wonderful opportunity to host a Music Means Family show with the incredible Kris Orlowski (who’s opening for the sold out Noah Gundersen show) and a set from the talented Gia Margaret. We’re going to be cozying in on Tuesday, March 4th at 7:30, over at 914 California. 10 dollar suggested donation, BYOB, a chance to make new friends. I’d love to see you there. Check out this video from Kris below – and enjoy your Saturday!



I love December. It’s a time to take stock of the year that is coming to an end, and of the possibilities that are approaching in the new year. Also, whiskey, Christmas, fireplaces, and all the love you can muster.

I’m going to be working on a few things this month – I’m hoping to get a Winter mix, and some year-end lists of stuff headed your way, as well as a bunch of announcements about House Shows for the coming year. In the meantime, I wanted to throw some videos, songs, etc. your way – because I find I really need a certain kind of music to keep my heart beating right in these winter months.

The first one is an incredible video of Bea Troxel, a songwriter out of Nashville. Again, a perfect video shot by Eratosthenes.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Frightened Rabbit. This Mahogany Session they did of ‘Holy’ is excellent.

Courtney Marie Andrews is incredible. Also, one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. This song is beautiful.

And, one more Ballard Session. This is full of chills.


I’ll be posting lots soon – hope these warm you on the first of December!

Update – Up To Date!

Hey everybody –

So I’m sitting at home with a fever, nursing a nasty headache, and I figured that was as good of a time as any to throw a big old update your way.

1st of all – if you’ve missed them so far, I urge you to check out the Music Means Family Skyline Sessions – we take a bit of time before various house shows to film 1 song sessions, and I’m really proud of how the first three turned out. It truly is amazing how talented these folks are. So, take a look at the 1st three sessions, with Courtney Marie Andrews, Field Report, and Hip Hatchet.

We’ll have a couple more coming your way, after our next few house shows. Which you should come to. They’re next week. And they’ll be awesome.

On November 11th, we have a special evening with Vikesh Kapoor. Vikesh is a stunning songwriter, and wowed a couple thousand of us earlier this year at Timber! Watch this video – then go to the event page, then RSVP, then come.

The Event Page!

Then, I’m beyond excited to present the Brooklyn-based Cuddle Magic, with an opening set from Kalispell on November 13th. Again, watch this video, click the link, RSVP, and show up!

I really do hope I get to see some of you at one of these shows. They really are special occasions.

Last, but not least, Caroline Smith is playing at The Hideout this Friday. You’d be crazy not to go. She just did an awesome session with the great guys over at Audiotree – check it out, and come hang out on Friday night.

See you soon, I hope!


Mondays are Hard

So yeah, Mondays are really hard. I thought I’d throw some links your way, to try and ease those Monday Night Blues.

‘Golden Wake’ a phenomenal track from the gorgeous new-ish album from Mutual Benefit – via Songs For The Day.


As winter approaches, I’m very eagerly awaiting the forthcoming album from local artist Simon Balto. Listen to ‘The Cut’. Wow.


As long as we are on a winter-y note – this Tiny Desk concert from Daughter. I sat speechless watching this.


Speaking of Tiny Desk concerts – a throwback to one of my favorites – from the Low Anthem


I love Volcano Choir, and I love everything Dan Huiting films – so I’ll leave it with this City of Music video of ‘Comrade”.


I hope the rest of your week is tolerable – and I hope to see you on November 13th at 914 for an incredible house concert with Cuddle Magic and Kalispell!




A Little Too Busy

Hey everybody – sorry for the infrequency of the updates. I’ve been traveling for work, and working on getting house shows set up, and seeing shows, and biting off maybe just a bit more than I can chew.

There are worse things, right?

Anyway, I wanted to drop by and post a few things that have been keeping me sane while I wait for the leaves to change (don’t worry – a fall mix is brewing)! Let’s jump right in:

I’m in love with the new album from Luray – the project of Shannon Carey, who is the sister of Sean Carey (of Bon Iver). She strings together soaring melodies, soothing banjo, and copious layers to create a fantastic fall soundtrack. This has been on many mornings for me as of late. Here’s a beautiful single take video of the title track ‘The WIlder’. Go get this album folks.


Also, Caroline Smith’s new album will find its way to your ears shortly. I can’t say enough about Caroline’s talent – and this album will most certainly deliver. Sharing this one again – make sure to grab this on 10/8.


Nathaniel Rateliff’s new album is absolutely breathtaking – and it’s a wonder for the beginnings of autumn, Enjoy this video, and then go grab it.


I’ll be dropping by with a true Autumn Mix soon – in the meantime, I hope to see you out at one of our house shows coming up. Come over to and check them out!


9/24 – Field Report

10/3 – Hip Hatchet, Justin Klaas, and Old Sap

10/11 – Courtney Marie Andrews and Erin Rae

10/12 – Bryan John Appleby


You REALLY don’t want to miss any of these. I promise.

take note, there’s still a hole in my heart

My favorite thing about Saturday mornings is putting on a record, grabbing a mug or 4 of coffee, and just taking some time to myself to listen to whatever is moving me at the moment. It’s a way to sort of exorcize the stresses of the week, to forget about the trivial stuff, and to really spend some time taking care of all of the thoughts and ideas I haven’t worked through during the week.

This morning, I can’t stop spinning Volcano Choir’s new album, ‘Repave’. I was lucky enough to see them last night, and this record is just as incredible live as it is recorded. If you haven’t picked it up yet, please do yourself a favor and go grab it. It’s a soundtrack for the fall, a means to shake off the last hazy days of summer and embrace the crisp changing of the seasons. Justin Vernon’s voice is still as entrancing as ever, and, similar to Bon Iver’s eponymous album, there is a constant feeling of introspection and calm that this record brings. Here’s “Comrade”:

I’ve been listening to a ton of other stuff lately as well, and I feel bad I haven’t been sharing it here. So I think I’ll just throw a bunch of great stuff out to you to accompany that Volcano Choir album, and hopefully you find something new (or old) you love this weekend!


I recently acquired a copy of Gregory Alan Isakov’s ‘That Sea, The Gambler’ on vinyl, and I fell in love with this song all over again.


It’s no secret that I love Noah Gundersen, and SerialBox just did a great session of his song ‘Cigarettes’:


It’s almost fall. Which means I’ll be listening to the Field Report album from last year a lot. I love this stripped down session from SXSW earlier this year:


Like I needed another reminder that I wanted to be at Doe Bay – here’s a video of Mikey and Matty with the Passenger String Quartet at this year’s Doe Bay:


To make it clear that I’m ready for fall – here’s an old favorite from Lucy Rose:


Enjoy the rest of your weekend y’all. Also, if you haven’t yet – please come over to, click the ‘Like” button, and check out the upcoming house shows. There are going to be some special ones.

Be well.




you’re not that much like me/you should know me better than that

So. The mix is in progress, plans are a-happening for the summer. A few things came up that were too pressing not to share.


The National’s new album is streaming. Listen to it here. Jesus Christ. All of the feelings. Every. Single. God. Damn. One. For a reminder, here’s ‘Don’t Swallow the Cap’:


Typhoon released their first single off of “White Lighter”, due out 8/20/13. This is one of the albums I’ve been, and will continue to be, waiting with bated breath for. The single, ‘Dreams of Cannibalism’ is fantastic.


Heather over at Fuel/Friends posted this today from a house show with Damien Jurado. This song will pierce my heart every time I hear it. Imagine being there. Holy shit.


Mix will be out soon!

Love y’all.