Skyline Sessions – Better Late than Never!

So, as many of you know, when I’m lucky enough to host musicians for the intimate house shows, we try and do a quick 1 to 2 take video, in the style of La Blogtheque and the Ballard Sessions before us. My incredibly talented cousin Dan put the finishing touches on our last four, and I’m so, so excited to share them with all of you.

I’m so blessed to be able to host these shows, and even more grateful for these videos as a reminder of how perfect each of these nights are. So, to you I give:

#6 and #9 – Simon Balto

Simon really is an unbelievable talent, his layered folk ballads are reminiscent of Baez and Dylan, Guthrie and Prine. There is a deeply satisfying component to each of his songs – a reminder of home, woodsmoke, and the first traces of your breath as winter begins to settle. We filmed ‘Foothills”, a brand new, and exceptionally beautiful song as well as ‘The Cut’ off of Simon’s tremendous album “The Roads that Make Men Weary” (skip to 1:00 if you don’t want the endearing mess up at the beginning).

#7 – Luray

Luray, the project of Shannon Carey (sister to S. Carey) – is a really beautiful foray into ambient Americana. Delicate banjo and soft, subtle vocals wrap you up and wash over you. I can’t get enough of her debut album “The Wilder”. This track, ‘Lullaby’ is from that record, and we filmed it late at night after her beautiful show with Mike Noyce.

#8 – Kris Orlowski

I’ve long been a fan of Kris’ enchanting folk-pop, and this new song ‘Carolina’ has everything I love about Kris, with little traces of an almost Ryan Adams – esque sound woven in. I really love this one, and enjoyed watching 200 some odd people spellbound watching this one when Kris opened up for Noah Gundersen the next night. Don’t sleep on his new album, coming out soon. It’s going to be excellent.

Hopefully we’ll be announcing a few new shows soon, and have some videos to go with them. Subscribe to our channel on Youtube, check back on Facebook, and come make some new friends with us as the weather gets warmer. Love you all!


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