Mondays are Hard

So yeah, Mondays are really hard. I thought I’d throw some links your way, to try and ease those Monday Night Blues.

‘Golden Wake’ a phenomenal track from the gorgeous new-ish album from Mutual Benefit – via Songs For The Day.


As winter approaches, I’m very eagerly awaiting the forthcoming album from local artist Simon Balto. Listen to ‘The Cut’. Wow.


As long as we are on a winter-y note – this Tiny Desk concert from Daughter. I sat speechless watching this.


Speaking of Tiny Desk concerts – a throwback to one of my favorites – from the Low Anthem


I love Volcano Choir, and I love everything Dan Huiting films – so I’ll leave it with this City of Music video of ‘Comrade”.


I hope the rest of your week is tolerable – and I hope to see you on November 13th at 914 for an incredible house concert with Cuddle Magic and Kalispell!





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