A Reminder

Hey All –

I wanted to throw a reminder out there – we’re only 8 days away from the very first Music Means Family house show!

“What is this, ‘house show’ you speak of”, you ask?

Well, imagine this.

Sunday evening, you arrive at a quiet corner somewhere in Chicago. You walk into a beautiful space, lit cozily by candles and lantern light. You open a bottle of your favorite wine, or whiskey, and you settle into a cozy corner. Perhaps you mingle, wander a bit, take a gander at some of the free art for you to take home from the intrepid Free Art Machine (http://bit.ly/11gb7px). Perhaps you just take a seat, waiting for music to begin.

As the room quiets, the wonderful Brendan Losch emerges from another corner of the room, guitar in hand. He begins to play a beautiful song, quietly at first, then louder, until you’re wrapped up in his potent lyricism and the quiet still air underneath his chords.

When he’s done playing, you look around the room, and see the other people, no more than a few feet away, smiling, basking in the moment.

Then, Shane Leonard (of Field Report & Kalispell) begins to play. Soaring melodies – you close your eyes and are transported away from the city din, if only for just a moment. You forget yourself for a while, just enjoying the music, the experience…

I hope that helps paint a picture. Take a listen to songs from these artists below, then RSVP at musicmeansfamily@gmail.com. Sunday 6.30.13, 7:30 PM. Be there.


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