if i can’t find the rhythm/if i can’t find a cure

It’s been incredibly cold the last few days here, but, fortuitously, the perfect EP came out to ease away the winter blues.

Tyler Lyle released a new EP “Expatriates” and it is absolutely wonderful. Tyler’s voice just drips with this sense of searching, of yearning for something wonderful. There’s a certain serenity that his music invariably brings me to, and this new EP doesn’t disappoint. Listen to the track Medusa below, and then head over to Bandcamp and buy it.



I also stumbled on a few videos this week that made me quite happy, and figured they were worth a share:


This beautiful video of Typhoon, hanging out in a tree:


And this one of Pickwick, whose debut album comes out this year, and which will be fucking wonderful. I mean seriously, listen to Galen’s unbelievable voice, and this song, and wow:


This video of the National which I had never seen before. I’m really pumped to see them again at Bonnaroo this year:


Thursday tomorrow! Week’s almost done!


I’m Alive!

Holy long hiatus Batman!

So, I’ve been gone for a month. I got quite sick, started dating a pretty fantastic girl, and had to get some recovery time in, but I’m back (and hopefully better than ever)! Some updates – I’m working on a slew of things. One is a mix for y’all to get you through the end of winter, and to welcome in the beginnings of spring. The next is (if all goes well) a pretty exciting series of house style shows in the coming months with some really amazing artists. On that note, if you’re a musician, and you’re reading this, and you like playing music for people, please e-mail me! Third, I’ll be updating this blog in the next two months or so so that I have my own fancy little domain. This should go hand in hand with some more features and some more content for those of you who read this, which I’m super excited about.

Anyway, you come here for music, so let’s get to some music. A lot has happened in the last month!

I’m obsessed with “Agape”, the new EP from Bear’s Den. When I hear the title track (see video below) I get that butterflies-bouncing-in-my-heart feeling that The Head and the Heart get me with all the time. Check it out, then head over to Amazon or iTunes and get a copy for yourself.


The new Local Natives album is out, and it’s everything I hoped for and more. “Gorilla Manor” has gotten countless plays from me, “Hummingbird” will follow suit. Check out this amazing Blogotheque video for “Heavy Feet” and then go get the album. Do it.


If you haven’t seen this video of The Lumineers doing an amazing new song in San Francisco as a part of a Take Away Show, you’re in for a huge treat. This song might be the epitome of things that give me the warm and fuzzy feelings.


I desperately want it to be summer already, and so I’ve been listening to Prairie Empire’s stunning album over and over and over and over again. And watching this video of Prairie Empire’s Brittain Ashford, and taking breaks to imagine grass between my toes and summer sun on my shoulders.


Everything Caroline Smith does is worth watching/listening to. I promise. This gem that was a Reddit exclusive is not to be missed. Really beautiful.


Small change of pace, but I love everything HAIM does, and their new EP looks like it won’t be any exception. They’re a great band to listen to when dreaming of spring. Trust me, and check out the track “Falling” below.


And, as Adam over at Songsfortheday will tell you, it’s been a Night Beds kind of month. So watch this video of “Ramona”, and sleep a little better tonight.

Well guys, really glad to be back, and I’ll get that mix out ASAP. ANd seriously, if you, or someone you know wants to play a house show – e-mail me at musicmeansfamily@gmail.com.

Peace, y’all!