Have Some Links!

Hey All –

So, I’m working on a new mix, which I’m hoping to put out early next week. In the meantime, I have a bunch of stuff to share with you. Here goes!


Heather over at Fuel Friends just released the chapel session she recorded last year with Field Report. It is absolutely stunning. I mean, jaw on the floor, I listened to it on repeat about 15 times today stunning. Watch this video of their cover of Neil Young’s Borrowed Tune, then head over and download the session (and all of the other ones, if you haven’t yet):



Then there’s this Take Away show, from Gabriel Bruce, that was just posted yesterday. It’s sort of like watching Matt Berninger of the National wander the streets of Paris, a little lost, and just the right amount of sad. And there’s something about it that’s just so fucking charming.



Oh, and here’s an older video of Kris Orlowski and Dawn Mitschele covering Luke Reynolds’ ‘Floating in Space’. By some water. I’m always a sucker for music played by some water. And this is really sweet, and really beautiful.



And last but not least, it is still winter, so I thought I’d throw my winter mix out there for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet. If you want a .zip download of it, let me know.



Happy end of Wednesday, y’all!


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