Live Sessions (They’re Great!)

As I was bouncing frenetically  around the internet yesterday, scouring the dark corners for things that would perk me up in the middle of the week, I realized how many of my favorite representations of artists I love online came from certain “session style” recordings, generally done by various groups who film, with exceptional production values, random (and frequently acoustic) sessions of great bands. I wanted to take today to highlight some of my favorite people doing this right now, in hopes that you might unearth the massive amount of awesome that exists in their troves of footage. So:


Hear Ya! Sessions – Filmed in Chicago, these guys grab bands who are playing shows in the area, and have them record one or two songs in their studio. Here are two gems from Hey Rosetta! and First Aid Kit:

Show Me Shows – A monthly release from St. Louis. All of their videos are great. Here’s one of my absolute favorites, The Head and the Heart performing ‘Virginia’:

The Sight of Sounds – These are just amazing. That’s all. Here’s The Lumineers ‘Stubborn Love’ on a bus. Yea.

Fuel/Friends Chapel Sessions – Many of these are audio only, and all of them can be downloaded for free at (Which you should also read, because it’s awesome). Check out this stunning video of Bryan John Appleby:

Take Away Shows – I can’t even begin to address the number of amazing bands/videos/everything done by La Blogotheque, who are responsible for these amazing Take Away Shows, which generally consist of bands wandering the streets of Paris/NYC/Los ANgeles and making awesome music. You should probably watch all of them, ever – but feel free to start with these two, from Local Natives and Bon Iver respectively:


There are so many more, absolutely amazing people doing amazing sessions like these every day, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to feature more in the future. For now, enjoy this little boost – the weekend is getting closer!



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